Pouring the Base

strong foundations - pouring the base

When building your strong foundation, there are some things to consider. A lot of these you can't overlook because there are rules and guidelines. It's a blessing in disguise because they are there to help. Like making sure your not digging too deep but also making sure you're digging deep enough. For example, make sure you're getting lower than the water level that that soil can take in. When pouring the foundation, pour the proper base levels and amount that is needed to ensure a good sturdy base for the whole home. There are so many things to make sure you're doing it just right, because cost and repairs will be involved if you don't do it right the first time.

Differences in Foundations

Strong Foundations - differences

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when building a home. But what is one thing that no one wants to mess up on? The foundation. There are a few types that you can use, and you want to choose the right one. When I was building my home, reading books, talking to experts, and asking a lot of questions helped me tremendously. I learned many things that are simple but important to know. Depending on where you're building, and the type of soil you're building on makes all the difference in the foundation. Everyone needs to be smart about this and be sure to ensure a strong foundation in what you're going to be living in.

How About Green

strong foundations - green

I loved the way I built my home. I chose to go with green building. In any part of the building process, from the foundation up, I used every green and Eco-friendly product I could. It does end up costing a few more bucks, but it's worth it in the long run. These recycled Eco-friendly materials are built to last longer! I enjoy knowing that my home that won't need repair for years to come. It's worth it to spend the money in the beginning. Most importantly, no matter what you choose to go about building, make sure you have a strong foundation and proper knowledge of what you're doing before you mess up!

Don't Overlook

strong foundations - don't overlook

It's so easy to overlook things when building strong, sturdy foundations. I've been thinking about some of the things I had a hard time with when building my home. There were some troubles with getting the wrong measurements laid out for the digging process to lay the foundation. I never did it but I think it would be smart to get a contractor to come and check out things before you start the big projects. It's frustrating when your laying everything out and then you find a glitch in your measurements, no one wants that. Just do it right the first time to ensure a strong foundation! Also, make sure you have the funds to start and finish parts your projects.

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